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Planet Rocke with Taylor Locke is the first music talk show broadcast live from space. After three successful years of alien-free, record breaking broadcast, his TV studio fell out of orbit and was seized by the AFST (American Federation of Space Television).

As the AFST continued repairs on the studio, Taylor Locke returned to earth to visit family and chew bubble gum, inadvertently meeting a new member of the Planet Rocke crew, Pterry P. Pterodactyl. Depressed from his current divorce, Pterry flew over Roswell, New Mexico, in a haze. “YOU’RE NEVER GOING TO SEE LITTLE TERRY AGAIN!!!” was all he heard as he collided with Taylor’s giant bubble.


Also, check out Planet Rocke’s twitter.

There’s a new deal up at the Roughs webstore… Do you want to send something special to a loved one on Valentine’s Day? Or you could always hint about it to your special someone ;) Heck, you don’t even need a special someone… Get it for your best friend, your mom or yourself ;) the options are endless ;)

You just say which song you want Taylor to sing, include a dedication message and the e-mail address of the person you want to recieve it and it’ll be sent to the person on Valentine’s Day. The offer is available from now until Feb 12.

You waited for it… Now it’s here! Check out the video premiere of “My Only Drug” on buzzbands.la

Taylor Locke and The Roughs – “My Only Drug” from Cinesthesia Pictures on Vimeo.

The Owl Mag premiered “Jenny” earlier today – have you checked out the video yet?

Also, if you missed the yowie chat on the 5th, you can still watch it on the website.

Hope you’ve all had a great Christmas and we wish you all a happy New Year.

Finish 2011 off right by watching this video from the Roughs show at the Viper Room earlier this year :)

Watch live streaming video from viperroom at livestream.com

Check out the Roughs’ shirts that’s up in the webstore – and if you want a personal video request NOW is the time to get it, as the offer gets taken off the store in the new year.

Tune in to yowie.com on January 5th, 2012 at 1pm PST for your chance to chat live and face to face with Taylor Locke & The Roughs.


There’s a bunch of new offers up in the merch store. Grab them while you can ;)

Personal video
Choose any Taylor Locke & the Roughs song, and tell us who you want it
dedicated to. You’ll receive a video with Taylor’s personal shout-out, plus a
live, one-of-a-kind performance of your requested song.

Studio star
Weave your name into the fabric of Taylor’s next album! Taylor is building his
own recording studio, and you can have YOUR NAME sewn into a red velvet curtain
that hangs beside the drums. You’ll see it in photos & videos, forever a
part of The Roughs!

VIP Access – Martini Ranch
A ticket to the 12/06/11 show at the Martini Ranch with VIP Backstage Access! Go
backstage for a private meet-and-greet, hear an cappella warm-up, and take a
picture with the band. Plus get an autographed CD!

Stage Packs

The Satellite – Dec 4

Martini Ranch – Dec 6

The Cosmopolitan – Dec 7

The Cosmopolitan – Dec 8

There’s been a few interviews/articles recently.

Check them out :)

Elle Vie
Raízes Aéreas World (Portuguese)

No less than 4 December shows have been announced. Check them out right over….. there –>
Seem like another one might be announced soon.
“‎5 shows booked for next month. stay tuned for details. special setlists for these end of year gigs. each show will be different and feature exclusive song selections.”

On October 16 tune into Moheak Radio where the Roughs will take over the airwaves for an hour from 7-8pm PST.
Then on October 21 head on over to the Bootleg Theater and check out the Roughs, Sabrosa Purr and Miracle Parade. The doors open at 8pm, Miracle Parade at 9pm, Sabrosa Purr at 10pm and the Roughs at 11pm. You can get your tickets here.

Taylor Locke & The Roughs will be featured on the High Voltage Compilation

Support the arts!

High Voltage Magazine has been providing the best content from your favorite bands since 2003, help us keep it that way. We’ve banded together 20 tracks from some of our favorite artists just for YOU. What’s so special about that? Well these aren’t just any tracks, they are exclusive b-sides, live and yet-to-be-released tunes that we’re sharing with you. That’s why the album is called Share To Care: Music For Life.

Every pledge level gets a copy of the compilation + all of the exclusive updates from us & the various artists involved. We will reveal a track or two every few days over the course of the campaign to include artists such as Bleu, The Silent Comedy, a rare collaboration between Shawn Christensen of Stellastarr* & Kevin McAdams of Elefant and many more. However, this compilation will only come out with YOUR help. Pledge your support to keep the music alive!

Trackinglist so far :

Hurricane Bells ft Blue October – “Before I’m Gone”
Bleu – “When The Other Shoe Falls”
Robbers On High Street – “Second Chance” (LIVE)
Shawn Christensen (of Stellstarr*) & Kevin McAdams (of Elefant) – “Castaway”
The Silent Comedy – “Blood On The Rails”
Viva City – “Her Royal Hedonist”
Billy Morrison – “Another Life”
Taylor Locke & The Roughs – “My Only Drug” (Acoustic)
Shayna Zaid & The Catch – “Pinched”
Imagine Dragons – “Destination”

Upcoming shows

No shows booked at the moment.

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