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Taylor Locke & The Roughs will be featured on the High Voltage Compilation

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High Voltage Magazine has been providing the best content from your favorite bands since 2003, help us keep it that way. We’ve banded together 20 tracks from some of our favorite artists just for YOU. What’s so special about that? Well these aren’t just any tracks, they are exclusive b-sides, live and yet-to-be-released tunes that we’re sharing with you. That’s why the album is called Share To Care: Music For Life.

Every pledge level gets a copy of the compilation + all of the exclusive updates from us & the various artists involved. We will reveal a track or two every few days over the course of the campaign to include artists such as Bleu, The Silent Comedy, a rare collaboration between Shawn Christensen of Stellastarr* & Kevin McAdams of Elefant and many more. However, this compilation will only come out with YOUR help. Pledge your support to keep the music alive!

Trackinglist so far :

Hurricane Bells ft Blue October – “Before I’m Gone”
Bleu – “When The Other Shoe Falls”
Robbers On High Street – “Second Chance” (LIVE)
Shawn Christensen (of Stellstarr*) & Kevin McAdams (of Elefant) – “Castaway”
The Silent Comedy – “Blood On The Rails”
Viva City – “Her Royal Hedonist”
Billy Morrison – “Another Life”
Taylor Locke & The Roughs – “My Only Drug” (Acoustic)
Shayna Zaid & The Catch – “Pinched”
Imagine Dragons – “Destination”

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No shows booked at the moment.

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