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Make sure you catch The Roughs if they play anywhere near you :)

Here’s a bunch of videos from the Hotel Cafe on September 22nd 2010.

Enjoy :)

Price – Decoration Day

Taylor Locke & the Roughs – What Have I Done

Ned Brower – Great to Say Hello


Check out this song that Bleu has made for Taylor


Bleu – Taylor Locke (Rex Of Rocke) by Bleutopia


You can even download the song for free.


Bleu has a kickstarter project going on where you can pre-order his new album “Four”. Pledge within the next 5 days and get some sweet deals out of it.

Taylor and Chris will join Bleu and Mike Viola on stage at 11pm at the Hotel Cafe Show on September 22. Also joining them on stage is Ned Brower from Rooney and Matt Winter who was previously in Rooney.

Don’t miss the fun :)


Event on facebook

Upcoming shows

No shows booked at the moment.

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