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Taylor has kindly agreed to answer some questions for us. Each Saturday we’ll post a new question and answer. If you have any questions for Taylor or anyone else in the band, please e-mail it to us @

Los Feliz is your headquarters, would you like to tell the rest of the world something about it and why you love it so much?

Taylor :

we can walk to tons of restaurants, bars, shops, theaters, etc. its close to lots of different neighborhoods in LA. its nice. its a good neighborhood.

Chris :

Its full of artists and thinkers. The food is great and its all walking distance (its not a very large area). Its very easy to get in and out of Hollywood, Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, Echo Park or Downtown, seeing as its right in between all of that. Griffith Park is a big draw of this neighborhood. So many cool walking trails, the Zoo, Dodgers Stadium, the Greek Theater, the Observatory. All here in the hood! Of course, we did spend most of the song Los Feliz talking about all the hot girls in the neighborhood. That’s much better songwriting material than all this other stuff, which would’ve made the song sound like a commercial jingle for the area. And its absolutely true that there are a lot of attractive women in this area.

In the spirit of Christmas we’ll post the next question on Dec 24 and another one on Dec 25. Merry Christmas everybody :)

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